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Would you get a new turbo?


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Just got the car back from the garage, and he confirmed my worst fear, that I need a new turbo.

So im not sure I should replace the turbo, car still runs but it has less power and has the turbo whine, mechanic says it would be around £700 to repair, which isn't to bad considering the turbo itself online is £599. so I said I don't know if its worth fixing, to which he said probably not.

got a 2009 focus 1.6tdci thats done 109,000miles. and I've just spent £500 replacing lower suspension arms and all 4 springs. with the £700 on top, the cars not worth much more than the cost of the last 2 repairs. 

I could do it myself but am I bit wary of buying a turbo on the e bay for £250. thats just too cheap. 

thoughts and ideas?

I was planning to keep the car until I went electric, but not sure about going electric yet.

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What about garrett remanufactured ones on eBay for around £200-300 get the new one send the old one to them. also comes with warrenty if all oil pickup sump etc done by a garage.


Edit just found this. http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Citroen-Berlingo-Xsara-Picasso-C3-C4-C5-1-6-HDi-2004-Turbo-Charger-753420-0005-/371917218682?hash=item5697fe637a:g:vqUAAOSwU8hY7Hqn          Not sure if the same but worth a look

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