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focus 2.0 tdci

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Hi, i have had this 2008 focus titanium 2.0 tdci since february, every now and again the accelerator goes altogether and just leaves the car on tickover, happened about four times now (twice on motorway}  had it on diagnostics and no faults show up. very annoying and dangerous especially on motorway. changed filters twice but thinking it is possibly electrical, car has adjustable pedals which i am told are rare so wondering if it could be anything to do with them. any focus owners come across this problem? thanks.

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1 hour ago, hughesy15 said:

every now and again the accelerator goes altogether and just leaves the car on tickover,

My neighbour had a similar problem, though with a Renault van. But sometimes it would start, but then ignore the throttle altogether. Next time it was ok. It turned out to be a dodgy alternator. It probably had a phase gone, and was pushing a lot of electrical noise into the car's wiring. It upset some of the electronics.

The throttle pedal has dual sensors, and if one of these fails, there will be a warning light on, and a relevant DTC (error code) stored. It would take both sensors failing in the same way to give your symptoms with no warning light. Or a fault that affected both sensors, like noise, varying voltage, or some electrical fault common to both.

Alternator, battery, and main earth points are the first areas to investigate, I would say.

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