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The tailgate release button on the dash next to the steering wheel on my Fiesta isn't opening the boot it seems, I though the the boot button on the key itself would still open it and after trying to open the boot with the button on the key that didn't open it either. Only way I can access the boot atm is the good old fashioned way with the lock + key. How will I fix it? Anyone had same problem? Is it a quick cheap easy fix? cheers

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11 minutes ago, isetta said:

i assume you know you have to press the key fob remote button twice in quick succession

Yeah i know that mate :)

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2 hours ago, Johnboy83 said:

I tried the fix in the videos with the door locks but still nothing. You can hear the motor try but the actual latch doesn't move.

Just to confirm do you hear a noise from the boot but the boot isn't able to open? If so the solenoid may be gone. That's what happened with mine and a new solenoid sorted it 👍. There's a patented one on ebay for around £10

Showed what I did hear when you scroll down the link. 


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Managed to sort it out. I was getting the sound but didn't release. Opend it all up and the solenoid that pulls the cable to open was hardly moving. Ordered a replacement off Ebay £10 and fitted the new part. Works fine now. Thanks for the advice. 👍👍

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