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2004 Fiesta (auction purchase)

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Hi All,


i am hoping someone might be able to help with a starting/immobiliser/key problem I am having with a 2004 1.4 semi Auto I just picked up for buttons at an auction.

The car is very tidy , has 10 months MOT and only 38k on the clock, and starts perfectly 90% of the time.

when it doesn't start, the immobiliser light flashes quickly and the display that shows which gear you are in displays something like a figure 8, in order for the car to start it needs to be displaying an N..

if I leave it for a bit and come back to it later it will probably start...

I only have one key, and I don't think it is the original remote ford key.

does anyone have any thing I could try that will get me closer to figuring out where exactly the problem lies? 

Getting a new key programmed is not cheap so I don't want to try that just as an experiment, but I suspect that might be the problem?

I would really appreciate any advice as the car is really good apart from this issue!





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