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Mk3.5 Focus-Cleaning the "rubber" windshield and door trim


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My "rubber" trim on the side of the windshield and top of the doors look a bit worn. The ones on the doors more than the windshield.

They were not looking great when the car was new and they had kind of a oily aspect to them. Now they get dirty very quick and dirt seems to go inside them and it's a pain to clean.

 The car is just 6 months old!!!!

Anybody else had/has this issue? What can I use to clean/protect it? I don't really like to use anything on rubber but this is p1ss1n' me off.



P.S. Now the car is clean but it will get dirty quick so I can provide pictures later on.

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On 8/13/2017 at 2:04 PM, Joss max said:

Try using silicon based products for your rubber seals. I use auto glym.

Vinyl and rubber   https://www.autoglym.com/vinyl-rubber-care

My 3.5 is 18 moths old and there is not a mark on the seals.


Nice looking car and great color :). 


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