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Bluetooth not working at all!!!

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Hi, I've just bought a used grand c max 12 plate. The bluetooth won't work at all, the car isn't picking any phones up and our phones won't pick up the ford audio, I think it may need an update? Ive taken it to a ford garage and they want £50 just to check if it needs an update! Then another £50 to put the update on!  Has anyone had the same problems and managed to fix it without spending a fortune at the ford dealership? Any ideas or answers will be appreciated thank you.

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I'm guessing yours might have the separate bluetooth module. On cars like the Focus it's in the passenger footwell.

If you can find it, it might be worth disconnecting for a few mins.

Either that or disconnect your main battery, to force a reset of the modules.

The old bluetooth modules had a habit of crashing and had to be unplugged or have power disconnected to reset.

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