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Fiesta Zetec-S

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Hi my 1.25 zetec-s is over revving when at running temperature. As you come to stop at a junction or in traffic, it roars up to 2000 rpm and as soon as you stop and put handbrake on it drops back to about 1000 rpm, but it does seem to be fluctuating slightly. I have been told that it could be the idle control valve, is this right?

Regards Andy.

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cheers usersteve, i have one on order, hope its the right one as the one from my old 96 1.25 is a different shape connection. I was going to stick that one on to se if it made a difference, then order a new one. But sod it lets just get a new one anyway,. 

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Well i changed the idle control valve and my fiesta is still the same, :sad:.  So does anybody have any other ideas as to what causes it to over rev as you roll to a stop??:wallbash:

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