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Shuddering during hill starts Auto


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I have a 64 plate Galaxy TDCi 2.0 Auto.  Its got 25,000 on the clock and fully up to date with the servicing with Ford.  During the last few weeks is developed a shudder when moving off if there is a slight incline in the road or a hill.  In only happens I would say from going to 0-5 miles an hour and is worse when you have a few people in the car.  It doesn't happen at all after that, just when moving off.  Its a bit like when you let the clutch up too quickly on a manual and it jerks a little but obviously mine is an Auto.


Any ideas?


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Just been told by the dealership that the they have ordered a clutch plate.  Has anybody seen that before at 25,000 mils  on a diesel auto.  Sounds utterly bizarre to me but it is covered under the warranty.

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