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Buttons on stereo not working or stuck

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Hi Guys, I have a Ford Fiesta 1.4 Zetec 08.


I noticed when buying car that on the stereo the button that says 'CD/Aux' does not go in when pressing it therefore cannot change mode to aux from radio and would like to use this for my phone. Any ideas or how to fix or where to get fixed? Would a ford dealership still be able to repair and 08plate stereo? I have attached a pic of the type of stereo I have




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The dealership cost to repair a radio is extortionate.
Tbh they won't repair them, just sell you a new one.
Seeing as that can cost £800 or more you'd be best off with a replacement one from eBay.
Most likely the rubber contact matrix between the button and pcb has shifted or stuck on something.
You can remove the fascia by undoing the screws on the side brackets and take a look if so inclined.

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