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Help - Identify if garage quote is excessive?


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Hi, just put my car into a garage due to a clunky noise when going over bumps on the road.

They've come back to me with a £430 quote for:

- Replacing the whole exhaust (as the centre and rear brackets are loose/broken).

- Replacing both rear anti roll bar drop links.

- Adjusting suspension tracking.

Assuming the above problems exist, does  the above quote sound reasonable? Do they really need to replace the whole exhaust just because brackets are loose?

Is there anyway I can check myself to see if the stuff they say in broken is broken?

Totally not hands on with cars.. if it were building I'd be alright?

Any help much appreciated!

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Depending on the condition of the exhaust i would consider finding someone to make you some new hangers.


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New exhaust for new brackets don't seem right unless your exhaust been trailing across the floor n worn away.

take it to another garage ask them to check the parts you have just said don't mention other garage told you that n see what they come up with.

may come up with it been correct but you may get cheaper price

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The clunking could be the drop links as they can do that .Exhaust hangers can be refabricated and or  welded back on and if loose may make a clunking noise over bumps. I'm not at all sure at all why the suspension tracking would need adjusting after fitting drop links unless its already out ,but you didn't complain about that so why would they go through the procedure to check it in the first place.

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