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Error code E196. Cause starting issues?


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Hi thanks for the opportunity to be part of this forum. I have a kuga tdci which will not start, I have already replaced glow plugs (what a job!) starter motor and crankshaft sensor, all of which have made no difference. I have also done the diesel filter and primed and bled the system. The engine just turns over but will not start. I've had a look at the error codes on the dash and get d900 and E196. I'm sure the d900 I've seen before and it cleared itself, not sure if it was because I've disconnected sensors and pipes etc. But the E196 has me stumped. I am going to take it in for a proper diagnosis soon but the car will start with a blast of easy start, any suggestions greatfully received. 

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The 'dash trick' codes don't really mean anything, they aren't proper OBD codes.  Need those codes to give a better idea of where the fault lies really. 

I would suggest the fuel pressure sensor as the next thing to check though.

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Thanks for the reply, I'm just walking back to the diagnosis place now, it did bring up some error codes for the fuel rail sensor as well as a whole host of others 😭

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How did you get on?

I was going to say was it running on its own after helping with easy start or was it just running off the easy start sprayed into the air box, ie stop spraying and the car stops?

Sounds like no fuel getting through...


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