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Seatbelt warning fault - how to disable the noise.


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The drivers seat belt sensor is going off at least once every minute, if I shuffle it goes off but seriously I can't disco for several hours on long distances.  The seat belt is secure, it has passed a recent MOT but the fault has been ongoing for a few months now and with a 2 day drive looming I can't think of anything other than tooth ache that can be more irritating, please help?

2007 diesel S Max.

Thank you in advance.

Just in case anyone thinks it, I wear my seat belt and always will but still I need to stop the noise not because I want to be 'free' of the belt.

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Or you could try disabling the chimes.
Switch ign on , wait 15 seconds, then buckle and unbuckle driver's seatbelt 9 times within 60secs ending with belt unbuckled. Belt warning indicated should flash 3 times to confirm. Ign off
It may or may not work as the buckle switch is playing up

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Thank you iantt, I asked a local garage and after much head scratching they said they'd have to put it on the diagnostics and see which of several things it could be but to be warned it's labour intensive to hunt faults.  I felt like I was being taken for fool so I thought I'd ask here before going to another garage.

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Mondeo Mk3 & Mk 4 Ghias.pdfMondeo Mk3 & Mk 4 Ghias.pdfMondeo Mk3 & Mk 4 Ghias.pdfAs a 'Newbie' I should add that over the last 47 years I have owned 4 Cortina's, a Granada Ghia X and had 4 Company owned Mk 3 Mondeos and an 'S Max', 4 privately owned Mk 3's and now own a 2008 Mondeo Ghia TDCi - and driven well over 400,000 miles in Fords, had very few problems in what were/are generally high mileage cars and spent very little money on mechanical or electrical problems in all those years - you could say I am quite committed to the larger Fords!

However, the best Mondeo I have ever owned was the Mk3 Ghia 'X' that was sadly written-off earlier this year and replaced with the Mk 4 Ghia that I did not realise had been 'down-specced' by Ford from the Mk3 Ghia - should have waited for a Titanium but none were available at the time I needed to replace the Mk3.

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