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Battery voltage


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If you plug both in and you get a big drop in voltage i'd be concerned you have a short somewhere - do both things work when both plugged in separately or together? Have you swapped a ground/live feed somewhere?

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Each works on its own?..and voltage is about 12 volts..when both connected I get about 6 volts..weird..can’t find any shorts as I have metered each to ground with no problems.

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When you say camera and monitor, have you got a separate monitor and camera, or are you attaching to the stock head unit? Does the monitor work by itself (turn on, etc). Does the camera work with a different display (small lcd you can bring to the car, or remove the camera and take in the house)?

The only cause for voltage dropping whilst stuff is plugged in, is a high current draw over what the battery, and the wiring, can support. (Voltage = Current x Resistance).

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7 hours ago, marantz said:

Cig socket -> Camera

Cig socket -> Monitor

Do the camera and monitor work as expected when both plugged in?

Where EXACTLY are you measuring the voltage? Exactly where your probes are (multimeter), or what you are using to measure the voltage?

My thoughts are:-

  • With 6 volts of voltage drop, are you measuring incorrectly - if not:
  • Connecting monitor and camera you are dropping 6 volts across somethingand that something is likely to get hot and potentially catch fire.
  • If the above is true, why are you not blowing a fuse (the supply wire to your devices is correctly fused for the amount of current that can safely flow through the wire?)

What camera and monitor setup are you using (links to products useful)? Did they both work in the house when tried?

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