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Ford fiesta mpg

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On 11/21/2017 at 4:11 PM, Shaunhastie said:

Hi guys,

I have a 1.25 fiesta which is 2011 and was wondering if 43 mpg for that is good if not how can I improve it?

Can only speak from recent experiences but a Clio 1.2 59 plate would be getting approx 50MPG and my current Fiesta 1.0 Ecoboost 64 Plate 125 gets 60MPG


This is 80% motorway though.

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As previous posters have said 43ish isn’t bad, it’s coming into winter so your mpg will be effected compaired to summer figures. Type of road you drive, driving style, length of journey, do you use air con/heater etc....this will all effect mpg.

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Hi, my mk4 is also returning 43mpg, which compared to previous vehicles i've had, is ***** good. It's a 99 plate, and has done 96,400 miles. My old mk4 also returned mid to high 40's. 

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I'm getting 47mpg with my 1.6 tdci. Don't know if this is accurate as I might have a leaking injector. This is doing 10 miles to and back to uni 3 days a week on 30mph roads. 

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