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Rear wiper stuck

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Hi folks. My rear wiper stuck right in the middle just out of the blue. I can't move it at all. Tried to check the fuse but couldn't see it in the fuse box under the bonnet. Is there another fuse box somewhere? I'm not sure it's related but my door open light has been coming on in relation to the boot. If I close it gently it usually stays off. Sometimes it flickers on and off and once it came on when  I turned the rear wipers on!

Any help/info would be much appreciated, thanks.

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I had a similar problem to you in my old Focus (2004). Never had the light issue though!

My problem was a bust relay in the passenger compartment fuse box. R18 if I remember correctly. Try removing and replacing it with the front wiper relay to check that this is the issue.

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Hi folks, thanks for the information. Found the internal fuse box and f43 (15amp) had blown. I have a host of spare fuses in my boot so put a new one in. Turned the back wiper on and it returned to its home position but the fuse blew again, tried once more and the same thing.

All the cabling between the boot door and roof looks intact and tidy.

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Hi folks, I need more advice please. Previously when I checked the back wiring I didn't actually pull back the rubber housing between the hatch and the car (cause I'm a total novice) . Now I have and can clearly see the problem. Several wires exposed and one completely broken. I don't have the dexterity or enough play in the wires to get in there and tape them and then crimp the broken wire.

So I'm resigned to take her in to the proffesionals. Can anyone give me a rough idea of how much I'm going to be looking at to get this repaired?

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Depends how many are damaged and how hard access is. If you can then do it yourself, wherever you take it is only going to have to remove the trim themselves anyway. You could end up paying £25-£35? an hour for a autoelectrician to look at it, and removing trim for access takes time. 

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