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Start button 3 attempts

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Hi I have a fiesta 14 plate eco boost, start stop, when getting into my car I would normally just put foot on clutch and press button, however I seem to have a problem ... I have to press the button all the ignition lights come on as normal but don’t start up so I press again it turns off as it would normally and then I press it again and then it’ll start.... anyone have this issue is it a fault? 


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Got in this morning... seems i just have to hold the start button down and it’ll start, whereas before I pushed it and it would start without holding down. 

What you say about faulty clutch switch could be the case as in the dash it says press clutch to start which obviously I am doing it’s as tho it’s not regeatering I have my foot on the clutch to start with. 😢 

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17 hours ago, Stoney871 said:

It could be a faulty clutch pedal switch, I'd get a 'competent' :sly: mechanic to take a look and see if any error codes are available.

You were spot on it was the clutch switch all sorted now ☺️ 

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