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Help needed 1.8 tdci

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Hi guys after some help having a nightmare with my tdci 1.8 Ford Focus.

started by cutting out just after starting engine malfunction light the lot took to garage egr valve got changed, done it again code came up egr value so changed again just in case fault with new one. Worked fine for a week, happened again got the injectors tested and fixed ran fine for a few weeks. 

Then orange engine light comes on running fine then engine malfunction lights come on doesn't cut out goes into limp mode got alternator changed worked fine for 2 days then engine malfunction lights comes back on while driving and goes in limp mode.

any ideas could scream spent a small fortune on it as I haven't got a clue about engines 

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There's a few things that could be wrong I have a 18tdci and sounds a lot like what I was haveing , I blanked egr cleaned sensors checked for splits but the thing that worked for me was fuel filter change with ford one good diesel , I also had to change my battery as the owner before me had put the wrong type for my car something that simple you would think dose not matter but with Tdci engines it dose , good luck 

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