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Digital radio upgrade

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just posting to ask if anyone had upgraded their fiesta stereo to the axion DAB radio unit, if so is it worth the upgrade @ £135, see link below



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Is it essentially the same as AutoDAB? Where it's a little box that plugs in to some ignition live power and uses short range FM frequency to broadcast the DAB to the cars stereo? Then use the included remote to change station?

Seems a bit of a faff to me having to search around for a remote everytime you want to listen to something else. Then you lose some of the sound quality through the FM transmission.

The other week I fitted a factory DAB unit to my Fiesta. Required some re-programming but that adapter cost £15 (though I already have one) and the software is free. Works flawlessly, not cut out once over the past week or so of use. Paid £65 from somebody on here who upgraded his to the Sat nav unit. 

They're usually around £100 on eBay, but that's for a facelift Fiesta unit like mine. A pre-facelift car I think you'd need the Sony DAB unit. It's not guaranteed to work though. Some people have needed an IDS computer from Ford (which cost like £1000+) or UCDS adapter (£200 ish) to get the DAB to show up like from the factory.

Check out my topic below.


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