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Hocus Focus 1.6 Zeeeetec idle problem


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Hi Ford fans!

I've had a couple of RS Turbos in my time and a Capri 1.6 with 2.0 swap.

BUT after returning back to the lovely blue oval I've had a mass of problems with my newly acquired jalopy. Focus 1.6 zetec 2004 facelift MK1.

I've replaced loads of stuff on it.

Firstly, unknown to me at the time of purchase, stepping out of a green 99T Micra it felt like a super smooth limo, it was faltering at idle. Yes, the hideous idle problem, almost cuts when the revs lower and fluctuates between 1,100 and 500.

SO, my son did the full service as it hadn't been done since 79,000, belt had never done, now at 118,000 mile!..., Gates Belt and waterpump kit along with the case of tools to hold the cam steady and crank bolt. Plugs, oil, fuel filter, air, cabin filter never been touched.

I've cleaned the throttle valve, idler valve cleaned checked and replaced with another from another scrap car. I've checked for perished hoses. Fitted a new throttle position sensor. 

I took it to an electrical engineer that checked for ECU updates and loaded the Ford Idle update part for £80+vat. No faults found on the ECU.

Now it will idle, but only after raising and dipping and diving for a few seconds BUT it doesn't stop there....I went straight back to the technician and explained the car, it now climbs to 2100 revs and even climbs to 3000 in traffic when warm! I asked if he could reverse what he'd done but sadly it was only just a simple Ford update and the problem is elsewhere mine to fix.

I'm really and truly at a loss. Only two things I can do now is replace the MAF sensor on the engine (No MAF near the airbox model), replace the cleaned throttle body and idler valve.


Your thoughts PLEASE!


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