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Focus boot will not close


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Hi all, 

I hope you all had a good xmas.... 

My partner has a 2006 focus titanium and last night she went to close the boot but when driving over a speedbump it jumped open... I looked at it when she got home and it appears it is stuck in the open position on the latch. Is this a common problem? I am guessing its a lock replacement but are there any temp fixes so she can use it whilst i am getting the part? 

Any help would be really appreciated.. Thanks 

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Can you force it back out or has the spring come off/snapped? If it's just tight then try spray some WD on it and free it up.

Failing that you might aswell strip it down and clean it up properly since you'd have to replace it anyway. You might just have to use a piece of rope to tie the boot down for now.

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Thanks for the reply, the latch seems free enough and can hear solenoid clicking when using the fob, just seems the latch doesnt want to catch at all. I think a bit of rope untill new lock arrives is prob best. Cheers

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