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Pete Lunn

Ford Mondeo 07 1.8i Zetec Footwell leak

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My drivers side footwell carpet was wet so i lifted it to find a puddle of water.

Does anyone have any ideas?

Many Thanks




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Does the water smell like coolant, or have the colour of coolant? Have you noticed a drop in the coolant level? 

If not, possibly the AC drain, or as above if it's a sunroof model.

A slightly out of the box thought - were you out in the snow at all, and could you have dragged a lot of snow inside?

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Many thanks for your help.

Coolant level is ok. Not a sunroof model. Not out in snow.

Ac was not working last year so had a pressure test and a re gas.

Not using AC at mo so would that still cause it?

Noticed carpet is also wet behind drivers seat in passenger footwell as well so it is quite a lot of water. ( Front footwell has a puddle in the recess under carpet.)

Have not used the car much over the last couple of weeks but has not dried out at all.

Could rain get in at the top of windscreen drivers side? Had same screen for years tho?

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