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Cooling issues

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Hi All.

I have had a few issues with my Mondeo 2.0 Duratec 52 plate, it started a few weeks ago with coolant loss, and poor heater, I have just changed the Thermo housing with new thermostat, what a nightmare to change, after putting it all back together took it for a spin and noticed there was a hairline crack in the expansion tank, so that was probably the cause of coolant loss, anyway replaced with a brand new header tank.

Took it for a drive, the heater is the best its been in ages and the temp gauge stays in the correct position, all pipes from radiator are hot except the bottom one, this one is stone cold I took it on a 20 mile drive everything was normal temp heater etc but still the bottom hose is cold, perhaps its due to the cold weather condition and needs a 50 mile drive, my concern is is the bottom hose suppose to be at least warm, or is it my pump at fault, there is also a nice pressure in the expansion tank as I would expect.

All suggestions needed.

Regards Rob

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