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the goat

P0030 fault help please

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hi folks

my lads 07 reg 12.5 fiesta has got the P0030 fault, omcom said p0030 H02s  bank1 sensor 1,  open circuit, H02s11 malfunction, suspect H02S11

after read a few posts I changed the oxygen sensor at back of engine (in exhaust manifold before the cat) still showing the same fault,

I'll there any relays of fuses to check ?

I've got a Haynes manual but they are hopeless nowadays, also looked for wiring diagrams in some Tech manuals I've downloaded but they don't have any wiring diagrams

please be easy with me, i'm an old man now and these stuff takes a long time for me to work it out

I've just read check fuse 13 (20amp behind glove box) that is OK

if I clear the fault and rescan it comes back on right away 



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bit more info

checked the lambda connector (loom side )  top left as looking at it eg 10 oclock position  reads 4.5 volts  top right eg 2 oclock position reads 11.8 volts ( checked this at battery, battery reads 11.8 volts will try to charge battery)

both bottom connections 0 volts

that was with the ign on 


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charged up battery to 12.6 volts

started car now no EML fault

just to offer advice to those that find this thread     if you get EML fault make sure the battery is fully charged ,  I found on new Lambda sensor that the top 2 connectors are one circuit so test between them should be no or low resistance,  my Lambda sensor would not move, had a day's worth of WD40, still would not move, next day Plus Gas & Wouth Rust Ice (freeze spray stuff) about 3 goes with plus gas and 2 goes with Wouth Ice then it moved, remember only enough plus gas to fill the dip the sensor sits in as more goes down the back of the exhaust I did spray the lambda sensor up & down with Wouth Ice

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