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SYNC and choosing music

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Hi all,

I've recently took delivery of my Transit Custom and have successfully paired my phone with SYNC.

When I press the 'Media' button on the stereo I don't get any music playing. On the display it just says 'NO ARTIST, NO ALBUM ETC...)

To play the music I have to go into my phone open the music app and select the track or album manually. This then plays fine and the correct artist and album is shown on the display.

What I can't do and would like to be able to do is then use either voice control or the stereo itself to choose a new album or artist. The only way at the moment to select a new album is to manually do it on my phone which is obviously illegal when driving. Is it possible to do it using the steering or stereo controls?

I currently use Google Play as my music app and I'm running android version 8.0.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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Via bluetooth Sync will only play and skip within a pre-selected album.

If you want full control of your music (voice and viewablew folders) you need to smash the music onto an USB stick.

I use Mp3Tag to strip out track names so it forces the system to play album tracks in the correct order (as long as the files are tagged with the correct track numbers).

You can also edit album art if you are like me and like to see the correct art displayed.

I would also turn off Gracenote in the menu as it muddles everything up again.

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