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Good morning, I have a Ford Fiesta 2005 1.4tdci. When accelerating after the engine has warmed up I have an EAC fail caption flash up on my dashboard and the car goes into a limp mode and starts jerking...
I have changed the MAF sensor and the accelerator petal trying to diagnose the issue, I’ve read up a lot on the issue but seems to be hard to diagnose. I’ve had the breakdown out with their diagnostic tools and after the car being plugged in, the live data was all fine. Not sure if anyone knows but I’d be very greatful if someone could help.

Many thanks 
Luke Jarvis

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Ecu problems are both quite common and what caused it on ours. 


Managed to clean up the connections to the ecu and problem went away for me. Until I had to replace the ecu due to the other common problem of cylinder 1 and 4 not firing. 

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