strange missfire need help to find out why?

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Over the past few days I have suffered a strange misfire when the engine starts to what appears to be firing on only 3 pots which goes on for about 1 to 2 minutes then recovers and runs normally this brings up the check engine warning light in the Dash.

I have plugged in a Can OBD11 Memo scanner to read the Diagnostic code which in both cases is P0001 ( Fuel Volume Regulator Control Circuit Open ) can someone please explain what this could be and how I can fix it without spending a fortune at the local dealers who want £98 +VAT just to put it on their machine, I am also wondering if I might have just picked up a bad batch of petrol which could also cause this as I think it strange the car recovers and drives fine afterwards with no lack of power apparent

Thanks in advance

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If someone wanted to charge me £100 just to plug their computer in, I wouldn't be going there to have any other work done either. God knows how much they'd charge for actually doing the work.

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