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Engine management


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Hello wounder if anybody can help me please 

I’ve got a fiesta 1.25 2014 plate my engine management light keeps coming on my boyfriend keeps plugging in a detector and it says misfire from cynlder 2 he’s changed the coil pack and spark plugs he turned light off twice after he thought that it was fixed then it goes really slow and sluggish going up hill (end up going up hill in 1st gear) and light come on again can anybody tell me what it could me please 

many thanks 

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I take it you also replaced the HT leads too, my money is on them being the culprit if you haven't.

If it's been misfiring for a while with a bad coil-pack it can damage the PCM module so I'd be careful driving it.

Maybe try a compression test, worth seeing what it's like considering it's isolated to cylinder 2. Could swap the wires around and see if the fault moves to another cylinder.

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Don't try and drive an obviously Ill motor.  As Luke rightly points out, you can cause damage.  The often miscalled "limp home" mode is actually called "safe mode", and is designed to get you off the carriageway to a safe spot, not to plough on with.

I also agree with Luke about leads.  I'd have changed them before the coil pack.

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