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What kind of things are possible with FORScan on a 2017 Focus? Are there any guides available that have lists of which modules you can access and what you can do within them?

I had a quick look tonight and I expected to be able to see/access more. I’d like to do the following, if possible; activate auto locking on movement, disable door chimes, control the amount of time the 12v point stays active when engine is turned off and rear lights on with DRLs to name a few. I have a modified ELM cable and I used FORScan to do lots of things on my previous Mondeo so I am familiar with the software.

i was able to make a few changes to Sync via the APIM but that was it ☹️

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did you get the extended licence?

most functions to do with reprograming are disabled without the extended licence, it doesn't cost anything but you do need to apply for it it via the website. The reason is because it also contains PATs programming which in the hands of the wrong people can be bad news for some poor unsuspecting sod.

The next thing is that forscan is a work in progress, each new release gives users new features and fuctions for specific cars.

Because each car is essentially unique (even more so because yours is an ST)  there isn't  a one stop shop (that's free) that gives you everything you want, so you have to wait and see what can be done. 17 cars are relatively new so it wouldn't surprise me if its lacking functions.  Also remember that programming is a relatively new feature on forscan. it might not have all the features of FOCCUS (which is no longer updated either) but its free

So basically, you have a choice, make sure you have the extended licence then wait and see if new things are added for your car or pay for something more serious like F-Com or Ford IDS


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@Dee_82 yes, I do have the extended licence. I don't have access to the PCM, SCCM, ½ of the BCM or PDM/DDM but hopefully that will come. I've not used foccus before, is that worth a try?
@Azz899 I have done that, plus changed the menu colours.

(I know my car isn't a 'proper' ST but I do like the screen lol) 2df4d9c957644574d718380cc6f23307.jpg558aea9bc4b22cca394218469206ed18.jpg

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AMazing, thanks. I will give it a go tomorrow. 

Do you know what else can be done? Could I enable the reverse camera too? I did all that in my previous Mk5 Mondeo and then just fitted the camera. I’d like to be able to enable one touch open and close on both front windows. 

@JW1982 do you know of anything else that can be done?

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