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Audio confusion


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Im am confused about my ford 600cd player  on the front panel is says  6000cd , RDS, Eon, cd multichanger compatable . fillowed by a small telephone icon. (cant think what the telephone icon is all about)

On the rear of the unit we find the green connection for the multichanger ( I assume )  but there is no aux button on the front of the unit to switch input sources.  I am wondering seeing that there is no aux button on the front , is it  that the rear connection is unused  or is there something I missing like a menu option that appears on connection of the connection lead .

I also notice that there is a bank of pins that have no connections to them in the between the power, ilumination, & speaker connections , this car has only two front Speakers , could the other set of connections be for rear Speakers or a line level output for an amp.  I cant seem to find a wireing diagram for this particular unit, perhaps somebody may have a copy that they could forward on to me .

any advice welcome , tanks in advance.


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The radio will have the CDDC button instead of the AUX as a CDDC radio will not accept an aux input (unless you fit an interface box that converts aux into a cddc signal).

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