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Which car diagnostic tool should I buy for my Ford Fiesta Zetec 2003?


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Hi, can anyone recommend a diagnostic tool I should buy for my ford fiesta zetec 2003?

I took my car to the garage as  my engine management light came on and it turned out that my O2 sensor was faulty. I got it fixed but a few days later the engine management light came back on. I know nothing about car but I can't afford to keep on sending my car to the garage so I need to do a little of my own investigation. Any recommendations?

Thank you for any help you can give,


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17 hours ago, Luke4efc said:

The most raved about modified Elm327 on here is the one from Tunnelrat. Any others and you run the risk of them being copies and may not work with every function with Forscan. Worse still could brick your ECU.

Forscan is just Forscan.org. one piece of software that will detect your car automatically. You'll just need to flick the switch on the ELM327 a couple times whenever prompted. Most functions need an extended licence (free, you just have to sign up for it every two months). I think it's done to stop any Joe Bloggs from bricking his ECU.

I posted this on another post.

Forscan is a piece of software designed specifically for Fords. There's too many features for me to list here, but it's the best way to diagnose something without using expensive specialist equipment.

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