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Buying mk4 Titanium X mondeo


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Hi all

In a few months I might be looking at buying a mk4 mondeo TX for around £5-5.5k to commute to and from uni (around 30 miles per day), 80ish percent motorway. I only will be 19 but I will have to fend off the older man vibes :)

A few questions - from what year did bluetooth streaming become standard on titanium X or was this always the case? And with the screen between the dials, does this replace a sat nav or is the sat nav an option? As I can't see many cars with the sat nav.

2.0 petrol - is this generally reliable or am I better off going for the 2.0 or 2.2 TDCI? For the mileage I will be doing I'd rather have a petrol to avoid DPF issues etc

What sort of MPG can I expect from the 2.0 petrol? Looking at the manuals only



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I think from 2009 (I think, hopefully someone else can confirm)...but for the amount you want to spend, you should be able to get a 2010 model or a MK4.5 (2011) at a push.

Some info here http://www.talkford.com/community/topic/208206-streaming-audio-over-bluetooth/

Screen between the dials is normal on the Titanium X regardless of having sat nav or not. Sat nav is an optional extra.

No ideas on fuel consumption for the 2.0 petrol. However I did read that the mpg on the 2.0 diesel on the mk4.5 was mid to high 30's...so I went for the 2.2 diesel (200ps) and have averaged 40mpg over the last 4 1/2 years on mainly A, B and town roads. 

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Not sure what point streaming became available but it's an easy update just replace the bluetooth module as to the screen between the dials it's called converse it doesn't replace Sat Nav that was allways an extra. As to mpg I've had Mondeo 2 ltr Tdci for many years and the worst car I had did 48mpg and the best did 55mpg and I'm talking motorway speeds not pootling at 50 mph I've seen an avg of 60 mpg. And if your on the mway for your journey the the DPF isn't going to be a problem .

you would get a better response on the Mondeo forum

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Hi Shiv. I've had the mk4 2.0 diesel. I hated it till I had it remapped from 140 to 170 horse. The economy got better but struggled to better 40mpg. I drive realistically and not to be economic. 

I've also had the mk4.5 tit x sport 2.2 diesel and 2.0 ecoboost.

The 2.2 pulled like a train and flew. I never got near 40mpg and my trips were a 8 mile commute to work and once a week a 35 mile trip visiting.

The 2.0 ecoboost brilliant but economy was low 30''s. 

I drive probably as you would so my figures are true and realistic. 

However if you drive frugally then you could add 7 to 10 mpg on my figures.

Why a large car like the mondeo ? Haven't you considered the brilliant Focus?

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