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Selling Mountune Badges

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Hello everyone,

As most will know you cannot buy Mountune badges without buying a kit, I have the induction kit & intercooler so feel like I could warrant a badge, as well as the fact I can't afford to get the 2k+ kit right now.

I don't agree with Mountune badging with no mod's but I am sure there are others in the same boat as me, money wise.

To cut the long story short, I have a supplier who can make high quality metal Mountune badges, is this something that people would be interested in or is it looked at quite badly in the world of Ford (I am still pretty new to the scene).

Thank you

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There's pros and cons for it. Pros like you said could get a mountune badge to fit with the mountune parts you have. Cons can be that the badge might mislead people if you just stuck it on a standard Ford. Also if you can't buy mountune badges (not sure as haven't checked) then most likely if you see a Ford your searching for with a mountune badge it most likely may have a mountune remap etc. With my car for example the previous owner advertised it having a few bits of work done such as clutch, water pump and timing belt. They also said it had a mountune remap. When I went to see it the car drove nicely and had no issues on running. I asked about the remap and the owner said it was done by one of the previous owners. The car didn't have a mountune badge on the back (which I didn't know mountune give if you remap from them). I bought the car and the guy said he will send the paperwork and rolling road print out in a few weeks. 

Sadly till this day I haven't got anything. From doing a little research into the mountune remap it did say for my fiesta and engine that they instal a K&N air filter and badge. I also contacted mountune if they might have any records on the car having a remap and sadly they said they couldn't find anything 😢. 

Really if you bought mountune badges you'd do it for styling or possibly to replace one you already have. In my case for example I should of just walked away from the guy when he said he will send out the receipts however I am started to really like the car :smile:

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8 hours ago, Jethro_Tull said:

Why advertise products you're not using?

Lol it like some BMW drivers, they put M badges on their car to fool people. Once I saw a 'M'535D 😂. 

Apart from that it comes down to personal preference. 

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