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Removing Front Panel Of Mk6.5 For Wrapping/spraying

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I decided, in my infinite wisdom, to carbon fibre wrap the centre console that surrounds my CD on my Fiesta mk6.5. However, upon looking for pictures and guides or videos on how to do this I couldn’t really find much info to help me along – so I thought I would make one up for the people that were as clueless as me =3

So you get your standard grey/black front panel which you need to take out…


Which first of all needs the CD player to be removed. I bought the CD key pin things from eBay for £3 and they come in a set of 4. ***Please note the

direction of these pins***


When removing the CD player its attached with the radio aerial and the wires that show the text on your dashboard and it can be a bit stiff to remove (well, mines was).

Next is to start getting the screws out…

IMAG0255-1.jpg This is where the coin holder was

IMAG0256-1.jpg And this is where the window heaters were (they just pop out and disconnect from the back.

The other screws are here…


Next thing is to remove the top part of the console. The top part is just squeezed into the foam around the dashboard so requires a little bit of force, but don’t overdo it.


And slowly pull it out. You will still be attached at this point. This is down to your hazard light switch and there’s 2 screws holding this in place.


The bottom part is next and there’s 2 screws holding that in place at the left and right side (no pics sorry) This should then just bounce out as there’s springs at the bottom.

You will still be attached at the bottom with the air con selectors and such – 4 screws hold this in place. 2 at the top and 2 at the bottom (again sorry, no pics)

Then start to wrap…



When putting the lower part back in please take care while putting the cold to hot wire which may come loose when removing


Make sure it goes back in and is on the shortest length of cable with the air temp at cold, otherwise this could make your car be very warm (I learned from experience)

So there we go… Hope this is of some help to some people =oD


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I forgot to post a pic of what it looks like up...


And I even did the grey circles that surround the air vents (these can be tricky to pop out so please be careful… I might have broke one =s )




Also just to tell you guys that this was quite a stressful experience for me cos I didnt know what I was really going into so I hope these words and pics will give you and idea of what to go for.

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Fair play mate,

any one who has ever tried to carbon wrap 2 items will understand how hard it really is to get the checkard finish to line up on both pieces,

and youve got it all spot on mate even the fan surrounds match in line with the dash looks really professional,

im not going to try wrapping mine because i know i cant wrap,

only thing ive wrapped is my tesco club card key ring :lol:

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Thanks for the possitive feedback. Glad its appreciated.

I bought the wrap from eBay, was only £14 and it was good stuff. I am going to go for the propper expensive 3M wrap next time though because I still go bubbles wrapping my console, which I managed to smooth out.

And Lenny, Ive never wrapped anything in my puff so it was an experience - the pics you see of the finished article is my second attempt, first one was good but I knew I could do better :)

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How did you manage to remove the thermostat wire?

Ive removed everything bar this :( Need to complete my painting job i started well, months ago now :lol:

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how does the lower section come out - the last part holding it in - the green bit on the air flow temp? i literally can't seem to get it to come away - thanks in advance

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