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Mk3 Mondeo 2.2 turbo Diesel noise i think


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i have a 55 plate Mondeo 2.2 diesel, plenty miles on her, getting the strangest noise coming from it when its under load, not when its revved so much but its started to make a slight noise now, say i drive along at 30mph and put my foot down its like its strangling a cat under the hood. i must add its not affecting the power and its not a leaking turbo hose/whooshing noise the only way i can explain it its like strangling a cat although ive never done that lol or when you accidentally tread on a cats tail I've done that :). its a very strange nose, i am 50 years old and been around cars all my life and I've never heard a noise like it.

first i thought it was slipping alternator belt but that's had a new tension and belt fitted. 

someone has suggested the oil feed pipe to the turbo may be blocked, they say they come from new with a filter in the banjo and a lot don't get removed as they should on the first service and can get blocked is this correct? if so is the filter in the banjo bolt itself or in the pick up pipe that bolts to the block behind the alternator?

thanks for any advice in advance


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To be honest I've only heard about the banjo bolt issue being a major problems on the DV6 1.6 TDCi.  There are a couple off forum regulars with the same engine as yours, I'm sure they'll be along before too long to help out. @stef123 has a Mondeo ST, which I gather has the same engine.

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