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2011 Ford C Max 1.6 Ecoboost - Throttle, Revving & idle issues

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  • Name: Glenn
  • Ford Model: Focus ST 500
  • Ford Year: 2008
  • UK/Ireland Location: ---------Northern Ireland-----------

Hi There

Vehicle: 2011 Ford C Max

Engine: 1.6 Eco boost petrol turbo 

I have changed the cylinder head due to it cracking (Common fault with the 1.6 eco boost apparently) and replaced everything with it ie timing belt kit, water pump, head gasket etc etc 

Re-timed the engine with the necessary Sealey timing tool kit & have started the car for the first time today - The engine is hunting up & down between 1000 - 1200 revs & wont rev past 1700 revs 

It has 6 fault codes relating to the throttle/pedal position sensor as follows:

P2122  - Throttle/pedal position sensor/switch D circuit low input

              - Signal amplitude to low

              - Current

P2127  -Throttle/pedal position sensor/switch E circuit low input

              - Signal amplitude to low

              - Current

P0122  -Throttle/pedal position sensor A

              - Circuit low Input

              - Electrical fault

P0222  -Throttle/pedal position sensor/switch B circuit intermittent

              - Circuit low input

              - Faulty signal 

P1573  -Throttle position not available

             - Short circuit to positive or open circuit

             - Current

P2176  -Throttle actuator control system

             - Idle position Not learned

             - Current


The vehicle didn't have these faults before I removed the cracked cylinder head to replace with a second hand one 

Have looked about the head for vacuum pipes wires not connected properly and have found nothing yet 

Any ideas people ? 

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Hi There

Vehicle sorted - All 6 fault codes cleared & car revving and idling as it should 

The problem was at the throttle body below inlet manifold, The wiring loom connection wasn't fully pushed home and caused a bad connection 

Thanks for the 27 views & 0 replies inside 19 hours

Regards Glenn J 

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