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Fiesta MK8: Forscan/UCDS changes, activations?


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I want to activate Driver Alert and Traffic Sign Recognition.

The car has auto high beam and line assist, so the IPMA is prepared, but those options above are not active.

Somebody has the hexcode or the bits need activation to have this?

I guess u need to enable the bits in the IPMA and the IPC


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Hello dragunov

 I see your posts on different forums and I'm like you looking for codes to activate auto high beam, driver alert and traffic sign Recognition ...

 You to a Ford Fiesta with the auto high beam, it would interest me that you give me your VIN in private message to compare it to mine to activate the auto high beam on mine

 If you agree?  What do you have as a fiesta model?  What do you have as a trip computer?  Black and white or color?

 I have a Spanish Titanium without the first support pack but I have a lot of help to maintain the track with the camera.

 As soon as I have information to activate the other options I will tell you.


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