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Blowers coming on on own??

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Got a Fiesta titanium model 14plate, jumped in it to come home from work this morning and 20 minutes out of the 30 minute drive i was fighting with the blower controls it just keeps knocking on literally a second after I turn it back off?? Had no problems so far! Any ideas????

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I keep having random AC and/or blower activation. I mean, not constantly, but there are multiple occasions where I swear I haven't touched a thing, only to find the AC is now magically operating when all I wanted was the blower, as well as sometimes seeing that air recirculation is on/off when I don't remember setting it to be so.

I was just imagining my new car was haunted. Would be good to know if there's some normal behavioural routine in action that I've yet to figure out, though!

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On 6/9/2018 at 7:43 AM, MarksST said:

Is the air direction set to the widscreen?

No It was set to low on outward direction not to windscreen. Well i pressed a few buttons and it seems to have worked for now. Haha It wasnt set to automatic so i dont know what I had done! Cheers for replies.

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