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'Night Heater'


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You may be on about the aux booster heater, on the diesel model which is located underneath on the passanger side, it has a small exhaust that comes out of it, when it is cold, this kicks in the aid demisitng, and get hot air into the large cab area, when it kicks in sounds like a humming for about 30 secs?

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Been looking into this further. Apparantly if your car already has an auxillary booster heater, to warm the engine on cold days, most of these can easily be turned into parking heaters. In other words a heater to warm the interior of the car without the engine running. Have looked on the Webasto website and it depends on your vehicle. If it already burns diesel its easier. An upgrade kit is required. Incase you were wondering why i am considering this its because i go camping and photographing in the winter!.

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