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Newbie Here :) Creaky Ford KA

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I am new here, and a newish owner of a Ford KA 2014 (63 Plate) 

I am due to take it back to the dealer on 15th June because a few days after taking delivery (end of May 18) while the windows were wound up and the music was turned down, I noticed a horrible creak when taking foot off the clutch and the car started to drive off. I also noticed that from 1st - 2nd gear change, there is a subtle but horrible creak/squeak which all sounds like its coming from the drivers side. Can't tell if its suspension related or to do with the bushes or whatever. 

While on the test drive, we drove over a nasty pot hole and I am wondering if this could be something to do with it. The car had a Pre Sales Inspection a few weeks before I even test drove it, but did not have a PDI check (which I found odd) so I am assuming that IF that pot hole has been the cause, it may have caused damage. 

I would be so grateful if anyone could shed any light? 

And finally - IF there is an issue, am I at liberty to pay the bill, seeing as I have literally had the car for 2 weeks and reported this 4 days after picking up the car? Or should they repair the car at their cost?

Thanks in advance for all your feedback 🙂 


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Take a look at the Consumers Right Act 2015. It should cover you for something like this.

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