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Focus 2005 Central Locking.......again

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Hi all

I have searched this and other forums regarding this central locking problem. I have tried all sorts.

Replaced battery in key fob

turned ignition on and off until the beep press the unlock and then the lock buttons

Searched for fuse 63 - my model doesnt have this fuse. Fuse 63 in the fuse box under the glove box is for heated seats, which i dont have, fuse 73 suggests central locking and i have replaced that fuse. There is no hidden fuse in the wires at the back of the fuse box, ive just spend 30 mins with a torch search for it and unravelling all the electrical tape.

I have even disconnected the batter for over an hour.

None of the suggestions on the other threads work.

I have a ford focus 2005 (NL05) climate.

All the doors open when i use the key in the drivers door, the alarm begins to signal i put the key in the ignition and turn to on to stop the alarm from going off. Passenger door and boot all open no problem. This is purely down to the button on the key fob not sending a release or lock signal to wherever the transmitter is on the car (and its not behind the interior light either ive checked, or up behind the dash on the drivers side, ive also checked)

so is there anywhere else i should look?

is there a relay switch that controls this that i can replace, i couldnt see one on the fuse box inside the car

is there a transmitter elsewhere in the car?

its a real pain in the a$$



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What are you trying to say? It doesnt lock? It doesnt open? It doesnt dead lock? Doors lock with key? 

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Apologies I have been away.

Key tested it sends a signal, new battery installed.

The car locks with no problems when using the key in the drivers door. The car unlocks no problem when using the key in the drivers door, the warning alarm sounds and you put the key in the ignition and turn it on and the alarms disables.

The key fob pressing the lock and unlock or boot unlock buttons does not work.

The key fob no longer allows the car to be locked or unlocked when using the buttons, it all has to be done via the key in the door ................................... 1st world problems i know.


So other than everything i have attempted above and the fact that the key is transmitting a signal what is the next best think to do?

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Sounds like it needs recoding to the car, the insructions should be in the hand book.

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