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I'm looking to get my 1.0 ecoboost black edition fiesta re-mapped and I'm curious to know a few things.

what have people gotten out of these little engines?

what the longevity of the engine is like after the re-map, any issues cropped up that I should be aware of? such as gearbox issues or anything

what are people suggestions going forward.

I'm new to the re-mapping and modifying world and I want to make informed decisions


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People have easily pushed over 200hp before, with not many supporting mods. Obviously you run the risk of blowing your engine up after that, it really does put some strain on that little 1.0L 3 pot engine. I know Mountune do a 165hp upgrade kit, but it's quite costly at over £1000. Other options are Revo and Bluefin who both have a good history on here for remaps. Heard a few complaints for AET Motorsport with a few blown engines, so might be best to avoid them.

It's more likely you'll shred the synchromeshes on the gearbox before you do the engine in though, the IB5 box wasn't really rated to much more than 140hp. Plenty of people on here have had this issue after remaps.


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