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Driver side front wheel area noise!

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Hi everyone

my 2007 1.6 petrol Focus has developed a "loud  crack" noise when I start to reverse, it does it once there is no continuing crack noise when reversing. It will do it again (once) when starting off again in reverse from a standstill and so on. Sometimes moving off forward produces the crack noise but not every time and it sounds not as loud.  just a thought, the cam belt was done 5000 mls ago so was wondering has it something to do with that.

Any idea's  to suggest looking for before I have a look.

thank you

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I wouldn’t have thought it would be the cam belt otherwise you would hear it at standstill once the engine is started. I’m no expert but I would look at wheel bearings or driveshafts, maybe even sticking brakes? From your description it sounds like a bearing or joint has settled, then the initial pulling away cracks it into motion. 

Just a guess mind.

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