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How to replace a Clutch Master Cylinder Mk 4 Mondeo 2007

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Hello. I apologise for not writing an introduction first, but could someone advise please, how to replace a Clutch Master Cylinder in a Mk 4 Mondeo 2007.  What is the process please - the easiest way, as our car is off the road. We have the new part.

Thank you.



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Its not as simple as you would would think, the steering column need to be removed to get access to the pedal assembly.

Steering colum removal , you need to remove the shrouds that should get you to the mounting bolts lock the steering with the ignition lock, making sure steering wheeel and road wheels are straight, you need to disconnect the battery,  once the shrouds are off you should be able to disconnect the wiring, now undo the clamp bolt ( new one needed for refitting).that holds the shat to the  steering ring pinion,  now you can undo the 4 mounting bolts that clamp the column in you should now be able to remove the steering r column, make sure the sterring wheel dosent move tape it into position.

 You need to siphon out the hydralic fluid from the brake fliud reservoir but dont go below the minium mark or you will have to bleed the brakes, then you need to disconect the hose that goes to the clutch master cylinder this has a small knob on it depress tiss and the hose should come lose, then inside the car disconeect the Wiring connectors for the clutch and brake pedals, then undo the retaining nuts to allow you to remove the clutch pedal and master cylinder, to remove the mastercylinder from the pedal, prise of the retaining clip ( new one needed for reassembly) and pull the pushrod from the pedal, to get the master cylinder of the bracket it will need rotating to allow it to come off.

replacement is the reversal of removal then bleed the clutch all should be well.

Apologies if ive missed something its been a long time since ive done it and no longer have a Mondeo to have a look and  jog my memory, its not a fun job or one for the faint hearted.

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