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Head Gasket Advice needed plz

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I have the opportunity to purchase a mondeo 1.8tdci titanium, the car appears to be in a lovely condition however the owner was a bit clueless and the head gasket has gone. Is the vehicle still worth buying ?? Once repaired will the engine go on to live a long life asking as I take care of it or will the gasket problem repeat itself ?? Could any other aspect of the engine be damaged ?? Thanks in advance for reading and any advice given.

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Why did the gasket blow?  If the previous owner was clueless enough to drive it around with no coolant and the temp needle in the red for weeks then it'll probably have caused more damage, warped head or cracked block for example.

You don't say how old the car is or the mileage, but I spend a lot of time on eBay and see loads of 1.8TDCi Mk4s on there, likely to be cheaper overall and safer to just buy a decent one to start with unless this one is basically scrap value.  If the previous owner had no idea there could be all sorts of other issues, DMF etc...


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