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What wheels??????

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I am looking for alloys for my 06 mondeo mk3. One of my has a chunk out and cant find a replacent one. So i am looking for a set. But found a set of 17s. Look food. Cheap but if i fit them to my car will.i up set my speedo or have to modify anything? I am not clued up on wheel sizing . I think mine are currently 16 and 65j or somthing. If i did go down the 17s route what do i need to look for on a rim. Thanks in advance

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Yes 17" will fit the difference in speedo reading is negligible as the tyres that fit the 17's have a lower aspect ratio so the rolling circumference is nearly the same. As long as the wheels came of a mondeo they will fit, I regularly swapped between 16's with winter tyres and 17's with summer tyres, no problems.

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