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Dead/Stuck pixles on MK3 gauge cluster LCD screen

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Hi all.

Just today I noticed a line of dead or "stuck" pixles on the small LCD screen in the instrument cluster of my 2017 MK3 focus. 

I put the car Into test mode to capture the attached Image to show this issue more clearly. 

Has anyone in the community experienced a similar problem?

Usually I find answers quite easily on this forum for issues that have popped up with my focus cars down through the years. However, this is the first issue I've had where I can get no information. Hence this being my first post.

I hope someone can give advice on the issue. Can this be fixed? Is it covered by ford warranty? Cost of repair/replacement? 





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2 minutes ago, iantt said:

warranty for sure. 

Thanks iantt!. my car comes with 7 year warranty. I think this is pretty standard? So this was my first thought.

Have you any experience with warranty claims in the past?

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its a manufacturers defect/failure and within your ford warranty period. just take to your local dealer and point out the issue. 

how come you have a 7 yr warranty?

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Thanks iantt. I'll contact my dealer tomorrow and update you on what they say to me. 

Check out these links RE: 7 year warranty: 




To be honest, I am not sure of the particulars with the warranty except that its 7 years or 100,00 kms. However, I am still well within the standard 2 years warranty.

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thats a good warranty then!! in the uk its 3 yrs full ford base warranty. so first 3yrs is a better warranty here as opposed to ire 2 yr base warranty, but then major components are covered for your next 5 yrs .

it seems strange that different countries have different warranty lengths for the same vehicles. 

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