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1.6tdci 60 plate lumpy idle & other help

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Intermittent lumpy idle when at lights, sitting in traffic, sometimes it's so bad I feel like I'm bouncing off the seat, anyways it's been back and fourth to the garage now since Feb when I bought it, they've changed injectors, went again they changed turbo, went again they changed injectors again, still doing it, it's only going back as it's under warranty with them. Now I also have a query, they had my car for 10 days kept telling me it wasn't ready, when I picked it up all seemed fine, half way home, noticed the engine cover laying on the back seat, popped the bonnet when home and there is diesel pooling on the engine, is that normal for injectors? It's fresh smells like I'm in a petrol station whike driving it,  also found a few receipts where they've collected parts and also done a beer run to B&M 🙄 , probably other trips as my fuel was down by a fair bit, where do I stand legally, can i report for TWOC? they don't seem to have a clue what the issue is either, it was taken out on finance I notified them in Feb a few days after buying of the issues and they contacted the garage. So I guess there is some proof. Garage hasn't responded to my email today either, usually they're swift at replying. 

Sorry if this isn't in the correct place. 





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Is it definitely fresh diesel, as in can you see it coming out anywhere with the engine running? 

If it's fresh diesel from the base of the injectors then either they didn't re-seat the new injectors properly or didn't use new injector seals, either way it's not right!  Also, have they lost the nut for the engine cover?  I'd be worried as to where they've dropped that tbh. :unsure: 


Not sure how you could prove they've been using your car, it'd be your word against theirs unfortunately, even if you can prove it, they'll just say it was a test drive to check the new parts etc.

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