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Keyfob weak signal 2006 s max zetec


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Hi all

My 2006 s max is driving me nuts. 

The keyfob signal seems very weak. Both keys. Batteries replaced. 

I have to repeatedly press the button holding the key up down and all around. 

Do you know where the antenna is located? 


The front drivers door lock sticks a bit but I don't think that is related. I'll take the cards off and lube it.  


I'm thinking the antenna aerial is inhibited in some way. 

It's never been particularly strong since we bought the car in 09.  Either it's got gradually worse or my (wife's) patience is wearing thin. 







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Thanks. That makes sense. 

It says the same thing here



I agree a partial fault seems unlikely but the signal is undeniably weak with both keys and after changing the batters in the fobs a number of times. 

I saw a post for another vehicle where the range was extended by soldering a wire onto the existing unit. But the smax seems to have a plastic sealed unit for the rf receiver. And I'm not sure I want to be pulling the headlining down. 

Maybe I'll pull and clean the fuse connections but lights etc share the circuit and all that seems fine. 


Not sure what else to try





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