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Mk1 Focus Gearbox oil drain plug?

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Hi all,

My 'old' but excellent 1.8 Petrol 2003 Focus us running well and still managing 42mpg on long runs, despite now at 169k miles!!  I reckon it might be 'kind' to change the Gearbox oil, but not sure about info I have on finding a Drain plug.  I'm told there isn't one and should use a suction pump to get most of the oil out - however a mechanic told me that he thinks there IS a 'bolt' that can be undone and which allows the old oil out???.

So - - who's right please? (I don't want to undo a suitable looking bolt low down at the front only to find that I  have allowed some internal part to be freed off!)

Cheers Guys,  Richard

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