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Hoping one of you great people out there can help me because I have an annoying fault which is driving me nuts!! 

Every time I hit the accelerator pedal I get this annoying squeak and it's getting louder and ***** louder!! My car is old and done a high mileage but am hoping its just something that needs lubricating am not sure!! I can't quite tell if it's the pedal or not any advice greatly appreciated and thanks for reading cheerz

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3 minutes ago, TomsFocus said:

Does it do it with the engine off?  Probably just needs a bit of lube on the pedal pivot.

Hi Tom... It doesn't do it with the engine of no! I have sprayed a bit of wd40 around the pedal and it made no difference unfourtantley 

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10 minutes ago, TomsFocus said:

Ok, it won't be the pedal if it doesn't do it with the engine off.

Which engine do you have?  If it's a diesel, it's likely to be a boost or EGR leak.

I got the old 1.8tdci... Egr is supposedly blanked of... Cheers Tom

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19 minutes ago, TomsFocus said:

The EGR blank gasket may be leaking a bit.  The main area on the 1.8TDCi for boost leaks is the solid metal boost pipe, it often cracks at the bracket.

Ok cheers Tom 

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